Cactus Honey?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I was really surprised to see our prickly pear cactus literally crawling with bees. Dan wondered if the light pollen on their legs would make for really light colored honey. We have two more hives this year off island along with the single hive here. We have to be so careful with the hive here that it is covered when they conduct the aerial spraying for mosquitoes. Last summer we were on vacation when they sprayed and it killed about half the bees. Dan nursed them along all winter and now it looks like we might get honey this summer. YUM!


A very quick knit out of this yarn – Zuzu’s Petals in Arona, a cotton, self-striping yarn. I call this my Red, Hot, & Blue cowl. Obviously no reflection of the colors. I was knitting this after MD S&W show when we dragged ourselves into Annapolis to spend the night before heading all the way home and the only place open to eat at that hour was the, you got it, Red, Hot & Blue barbecue. Every time I look at this cowl, it conjures up the fragrance of good food for weary souls.


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