Brail Hat

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I was totally speechless when Denise showed me this hat. Truly I don’t know why I should have been because I know what an excellent knitter she is. She decided that her relative who had been blind since birth would enjoy a hat that had his name written on it in brail. So she designed the hat, complete with prototype, and here it is.


Using beads to form the letters in brail, she worked out the chart for the name reaching around the hat. What an incredible gift! Denise said there must be other knitters with blind relatives/friends who would like to do the same thing. So she will be publishing this pattern on Ravelry so that anyone can work out the letters in brail and make a lovely gift also. What a talent! Thank you Denise!

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  1. Kathy Louthan Says:

    What an awesome idea!!! Please let us know when the pattern is available

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Thank you! Very, very prompt! I received it yesterday.

Austin, TX

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