Black Squirrel

Posted by Caroline Hershey


I was sitting knitting of course when I spied this strange looking creature on our deck. Checking out our bird feeder was a black squirrel, really coal black. Actually very pretty. We looked him up and they are fairly rare, 1 in 10,000 grey squirrels is a black one. Well there are quite a few around here on the Island so those stats for here don’t work. The squirrels out on the Assateague Island are an endangered breed of grey squirrel. Their coats are a lovely chinchilla grey, and they are large. Hmmmm. Wonder if you can spin that fiber?

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  1. Andrea Says:

    Just wanted to say welcome to the shore! I live in Onancock and have followed for a long time. Loved the story about the move. Hope to see the new shop real soon! Have a wonderful day. By the way, great pic of Squirrel!

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