Black Skimmers

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Dan and I went out to Assateague to check on our nesting Oyster Catchers and got there just as she was off the nest stretching her legs. We discovered three eggs in the nest and they are huge. We were glad to see that the whole area was roped off because it is only a few feet from the road.

The neatest thing from our trip yesterday was to find a flock of skimmers taking a break also. If you are fortunate to see a flock of Skimmers move across the surface of the water, you will be struck by how perfectly they are created with their lower beak longer than the top so it can skim the surface of the water scooping up little fish. They are fast movers, swooping across the water and a photo of them with beaks in the water was not gonna happen.

The flock we discovered taking a morning siesta was talking in little yips continuously to each other.

We couldn’t find their eyes so had to come back and check out the bird book and found them just in the black on their face.

Then there was the one who resembled your dog stretched out with his beak tucked into the sand. Looking for a serious nap.

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Received the skeins. Again nice doing business with you.

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