Big Needles, Little Needles

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Giving your hands a break

Thank heavens for being able to switch back and forth between large and small needle knitting. I am knitting a little shrug out of Rowan’s Lenpur Linen on a size 4 needle, lenpur-linencasting on in excess of 100 stitches for the back. WHEW! colourscapes1And of course the edging was on a size 2 in seed stitch. Loved finishing that edging. Sweet to change to the Rowan Colourscapes yarn on these lovely size 8 needles and only cast on 49 stitches for working a side to side vest. The color changes are terrific by the way.

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Arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Mt. Pleasant, MI

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