Beauty in Simplicity

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Triangle Shawl of Lace Merino Wool

I love mindless knitting, and what could be better than being able to ball it up and stuff it in your pocket as you head out the door. Gotta have something to knit on in case there’s some down time where ever you’re headed. That’s this triangle shawl knitted from Lace Merino yarn.

Lace Merino Shawl

The colorways offered in this yarn are beautiful and the yarn is tightly spun so there is no splitting. The yarn is also sold as a sock yarn, but I haven’t tried that yet.   Love the ties and the shawl stays put on your shoulders. The results you see here are from one skein. We have a free pattern on request for the shawl when you order the yarn. My customers come and pounce on it with an oohhh! and aahhh! wearing it until time to leave the shop.

Lace Merino Shawl ties

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  1. Michelle Ehrich Says:

    This is true! I’ve seen it happen at Knit Night.

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Received the skeins. Again nice doing business with you.

Palisades Park, NJ

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