Back on Chincoteague Island

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Back home on Chincoteague Island after a long week at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. A long but
successfulcable-licious week for the shop and my Cable-licious class. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the booth and/or was in my class. You made the week.

Took a break from setting up the shop for reopening tomorrow and went out to the beach. So many dead trees from the pine bark beetle but notice the understory coming right along. And the breaches in the beach are healing. Still the beach is so different with coves here and there and so very flat. The parking areas are being rebuilt and hopefully the small dune will stay in place so that smaller storms will not ruin it all.

Walking on the beach is so invigorating. My vigor restoration did not include surfing which several were doing. A flock of snow geese were on the beach toward the Coast Guard station. Dan found egg cases from the whelk washed up, and we could see all the little whelks inside the cases. Fascinating. Tossed them back into the ocean so maybe I’ll get some more pretty shells this summer.

Topped off the welcome back with a launch this morning, a small sounding rocket.

So glad to be back!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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  1. Vicki Says:

    Glad you had a good week. We’re still in Florida, but I’m starting to look forward to returning to Chincoteague.

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