A New Chincoteague Colors

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Blue Crab colorway

When we kayaked out to Little Beach the other week, we came across so many blue crabs, dead and alive. What I loved about them were the colors of their claws – that blue with a streak of orange down the side. Came back thinking about it for days and then had to try it. Took several batches but think I have a good facsimile of the colors.


We’ll be making this available soon. Let me know what you think please.


No crabs after these little toes. What pure fun at the beach with our grandchildren this week.

2 Responses to “A New Chincoteague Colors”

  1. Rev Donna Says:

    This is so beautiful! It showed up on my facebook feed and my daughter and I were both admiring it.

  2. Evin Says:

    Love it! Two of my favorite colors together and Chincoteague is one of my favorite places.

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I received the order and I do thank you. I look forward to doing further business with you.

Chestertown, MD

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