A Busy Knit Knight

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Everyone was busy with their projects last night.
Kay knitted a cozy for her French Press which they use when camping (looking forward to leaving for FL) and her lovely ponchette.
Denise was working on a earflap hat for hubby which she decided was too small afterall. Will knit another. And she and Kay knitted these precious baby hats for the Period of Purple Crying Program that Carrole had shared with us last week.

Carrole was knitting a hat from Downton Abbey and not liking the results at the moment.

Fran was knitting boot toppers for her granddaughters.
Judy was starting over with her project when she realized it was backwards on her needles.
And Sarah arrived too late for a photo but hers would have been pained as she starting working on a piece she had put down some time ago and couldn’t figure out where she had stopped. And I was working on sock #5.

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