To Block or Not to Block

Posted by Caroline Hershey

It all comes down to…do you want your piece to look like this?


or like this?


You have spent a lot of your valuable time knitting the piece so why would you not spend a little more time to make it a memorable piece, one you would delight in wearing.

These little black squirrels are found other places than the Island but we hadn’t seen them before moving here. We enjoy them over winter but come summer and gardening and they can be as big a nuisance as the grey squirrels.


Lovely Sweater

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Lovely sweater knitted by Jackie for her husband out of Noro Kureyon, two colors. Sorry, don’t have the pattern name or the color numbers. It’s just very pretty, don’t you think?


Walking on the Woodland Trail on Assateague Island, we came upon this scratched on one of the trees. If we were still on the farm, I’d say it’s a bear marking his territory. But, being as how we were on Assateague, I seriously doubt that. Makes me think of bear claw pastry. Hmmm. Anyone get a little craving for a sticky, gooey pastry right about now? It’s even the right color. Go figure.


Tell Me Why

Posted by Caroline Hershey

when you’re under the gun with time constraints your design program stops working there is no support on the internet for it except to buy, buy, buy another copy and the chat room is taking so long to connect you go get your knitting and those stitches are a bit tight aren’t they and finally they respond to say your program is so old you just have to buy something that is hosted in the cloud and didn’t I want to go ahead and get it right away? Was that a run on sentence? And where is this cloud anyway?

On to much more pleasant topics…like what Denise just finished and showed us the other night.


It’s called Wind Rows Shawlette and is on Ravelry.

The last blog I showed you bright greenĀ  and magenta colors we found on the beach. How about hot pink?


We think it’s Cord Grass rhizome that was exposed by the tides. Definitely startling to come across it and many others along the path.

Finished! WHEW!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

And am I glad! Have you ever had a project that you just gritted your teeth and finished it? Well, this was one of mine. It’s called Ad Hoc by Jush Ryks. I love the pattern itself, so many interesting stitches to keep you going. However, I hated the colors I chose. See what you think. It hurts my eyes to look at it.


We were surprised to find such vivid colors on the beach, the Sea Lettuce such a bright green and the other sea grass a lovely magenta.




Carodan Yarns ~
Thank you for great service and wonderful yarns.

Christine from Maine

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