Sunshine At Last

Posted by Caroline Hershey

What a day that we were blessed with. Perhaps I was feeling a little moldy or like a mole or justĀ  wilting from no sun for so long. Well today was the day to soak it up. We went out to the refuge to view the damage from the last nor’easter. We were blessed with sunshine, a lovely walk (have we walked at all this winter?) and snow geese coming in. What a day!


And we found several oystercatchers in the oyster beds along the causeway.


Our Creekside yarns are now on our website. Enjoy!

Creekside Yarn and Jewels of the Deep

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Working on it, working on it!

Deep in the midst of dyeing our new yarn in these new colorways. Deep jewels are what we’re aiming for. Creekside is our new yarn in a worsted wt, 100% merino wool, superwash. It’s the lovely yarn we used for our hats last year at KnitXperience Lite. We plan to have these jewel colors available across all our collections in the future. Right now it’s the Creekside. What do you think of the colors so far? They’ll be up on our website in the next day or two.


Dan and I are enjoying the ducks and other birds migrating through the Refuge. Numbers seem so low and not many snow geese yet. Someone spotted a snowy owl, but not us. We love the wigeons. Here’s one doing what they love, bill down in the muck looking for lunch.


And a close-up to see the beautiful colors.


Completing Projects!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Nice goal for the New Year!

This unfinished hat has been hanging over me since this time, well a little later, last year. A project from the KnitXperience Lite 2016. It’s all complete, groan, almost. Have the braid that hangs down from the top to do. Need some beads for the end yet. We’re getting there.


Dan and I sighted the two eagles in a pine close to their nest this past weekend. The conversation could be going like this, “It’s your turn to fix the nest, no your turn, no your turn.” And on it goes. :)


Read It and Read It Again

Posted by Caroline Hershey

What makes you feel comfortable with a pattern? Reading it through once, twice, how many times? I usually do a cursory read through and then, if all matches up with the yarn I’ve chosen and what the pattern says, I go for it. (This is for shawls and the like.)

That doesn’t keep me from skimming over an instruction, reading it wrong and ending up with a giant mistake. Case in point, the 12 rows I just had to pull out. Thank you lifeline!!! I read a kfbf as kfb, and when I got to the end of those rows, my count was off to say the least. Very frustrating to find you are the one responsible for not keying in on the abbreviation. ARGHHHH! Senior moment or just not paying attention? So, do pay attention to your pattern and save yourself some grief.

Tough way to get breakfast!




KnitXperience Lite Information & Registration Ready

Posted by Caroline Hershey

KnitXperience Lite will be held March 3-5, 2017 at the Island Resort Motor Inn on Chincoteague Island. We will be sharing Techniques to Make Your Knitting Sing. It will be lots of fun to learn how to make knitting just plain fun without the hair pulling times. Take a look at this shawl.


Most stripes are too far apart to carry the strands up the side. So you moan, all those ends to hide under when you finish.


But notice these. They are already tucked under and ready to snip off after blocking. You’ll learn how to accomplish this at KnitXperience Lite.


Arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Mt. Pleasant, MI

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