Chincoteague Colors Tides Gradient

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Walked by the gradients that I recently dyed waiting for a final rinse. Thought they were so pretty hanging there, had to share. There are six different colorways. After final rinse, we’ll hang them to dry, skein, tag, and then they’re ready for our KnitXperience weekend coming up.


I have this thing for Great Blue Herons especially when they are the only bird on the Refuge at the moment. This one sitting in a snag across from the visitors center.


We have a brand new computer and hopefully our computer woes are ended.

Denise has her hat with braille writing on Ravelry complete with downloadable pattern.

Computer Crash

Posted by Caroline Hershey

This is not as bad as some things could be, but for a business it’s devastating. The “wonderful” Windows 10 has destroyed my computer so we will be limping along for a few days until we can purchase a new computer. We are still here with working email, website, and phone. So, thanks for your patience. Caroline

Nymphalidea Shawl

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Liz modeled her Nymphalidea Shawl  at one of the last Knit Knights. Very striking in the Zauberball and another yarn which, sorry to say, I didn’t get the name of. We have knitted it using the Zauberball and Huasco with beautiful results.


YES, we finally caught the elusive Kingfisher. Always hearing his call, but he flits from one branch to another, teasing, teasing, teasing. He must have been riled that he was caught on camera since I didn’t think they normally have their feathers standing on end.


Louisa Harding Hollyhock

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Denise used three different yarns to knit this cowl, Hollyhock,  a design from Louisa Harding – Anise, Noema and Pima Cotton. It turned out lovely and you could really customize the yarns and colors to suit yourself and stash.


We find this shrub growing here and there on the Island. Lovely flowers this time of year and berries too for the birds. Called Devil’s Walking Stick for its sharp thorns up and down the stems.



Stephen West Rockefeller

Posted by Caroline Hershey

The Rockefeller, another lovely shawl design from Stephen West. This one is knitted by my daughter Melissa in Huasco and Poems Sock yarns.


Checked the beach out this afternoon to see how much damage the recent rains and wind from hurricane Matthew had done. Except for the usual overwash areas, the beach looks the same. Several parking areas are closed because it’s too soft for traffic.

These birds found a calm place to hunker down for a nap in the sun. YIKES! I said sun. I thought about joining them to bask in sunshine for a while. The goldenrod is such a brilliant color.


Amitola Grande Yarn

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I’ve knitted with the original Amitola yarn in the shop for several years and loved it using it for one shawl in particular – Lace Edge Garter Stitch shawl which is a free pattern on the Universal yarns website. Now they have introduced Amitola Grande which I used for this slouch hat (another free pattern). A quick knit and sure to please especially the younger ones. And two hats from one ball! Can’t beat that.


These recent rains have brought out not only the mosquitoes in armies but also the frogs. Needless to say, I’ll take the frogs. The little tree frogs are on my doors (catching mosquitoes – YEAH), banisters, leaves, clinging to recycling bins, everywhere. These are all outside of course. They are so cute. This is one of the larger frogs ready to jump into our pond.


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The yarn I ordered over the net has arrived safely today. I am delighted with the colours & can hardly wait to get knitting. Last year when I was in Germany I purchased some of the Regia brand & was wondering how I would get some more until I found your website.Thank you again for your efficient service.


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