Winter’s Last Gasp, Hopefully

Posted by Caroline Hershey

We often take dinner out to the beach and sometimes have to hunker down in the vehicle to enjoy it. That was yesterday with the wind howling down the beach. Sun was lovely but… There were the usual fellows out in wet suits. I guess a wave like that would be worth it.

Our whole family, 18 strong, will be here for Easter and we will be closed on Saturday, March 26, so that we can celebrate our Lord’s glorious Resurrection with our family.


Playing Havoc!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Have you been watching the March Madness? We may not have watched a game all winter but let March Madness start and we are there. But knitting while watching a nail biter is not for the faint of heart. I’m just glad I remembered to put in a life line. Here’s the scarf I am knitting, Shetland Ruffles using Zauberball Crazy.


Scrap Yarn Anyone?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Do you have mounds of leftover yarn, little balls here and there? Here’s what I did with some of mine.


I was so tickled with how it turned out. This pattern can be found on Ravelry, Scrap Shawl by Lakshmi Juneja. I added the Fairie Ring lace border to finish it off. I was so delighted to finish (sometimes the borders seem to take longer to knit than the actual item) that I flung the needles and whooped. (A finished project is a very good thing.) My very appreciative husband said, well, now you have to cast on for another or your needles might rust. Not a problem.

A Busy KnitXperience Lite

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Some jokingly said this should be renamed KnitXperience Heavy as we had plenty of stitches to learn as we made our Latvian style hats. Although we had lots to consider while we knitted, we still had time to find out what friends had been doing the past year and to make new friends.


We used our new yarn, Creekside, to knit the hats.


You can see that we did learn a lot of stitches.


Faith has finished her hat.




Back on Chincoteague Island

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Back home on Chincoteague Island after a long week at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. A long but
successfulcable-licious week for the shop and my Cable-licious class. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by the booth and/or was in my class. You made the week.

Took a break from setting up the shop for reopening tomorrow and went out to the beach. So many dead trees from the pine bark beetle but notice the understory coming right along. And the breaches in the beach are healing. Still the beach is so different with coves here and there and so very flat. The parking areas are being rebuilt and hopefully the small dune will stay in place so that smaller storms will not ruin it all.

Walking on the beach is so invigorating. My vigor restoration did not include surfing which several were doing. A flock of snow geese were on the beach toward the Coast Guard station. Dan found egg cases from the whelk washed up, and we could see all the little whelks inside the cases. Fascinating. Tossed them back into the ocean so maybe I’ll get some more pretty shells this summer.

Topped off the welcome back with a launch this morning, a small sounding rocket.

So glad to be back!

Enjoy this beautiful weather!


I received the order and I do thank you. I look forward to doing further business with you.

Chestertown, MD

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