Coming Soon – Six Pearls

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Six Pearls is my first venture into shawl pattern writing. With my Tides Gradient yarn calling to me, it seemed a natural thing to do. It’s a crescent shaped shawl displaying the lovely color changes in our Tides yarn. The test knitters are presently weeding out any errors and the finished pattern should be ready for publication the beginning of February. Let me know what you think.



Jonas and the Beach

Posted by Caroline Hershey

We wondered what the storm had done to the beach  Our snow had mostly melted, just a few trees downed, some water on Chincoteague but nothing much so took a ride out today to inspect the beach. The ponies were all snug and warm back in the Woodland Trail area.The ocean had pretty much overwashed the entire beach where the parking lots are (were.) It made a breach into Swan cove and from evidence there, it had flowed over the road into Tom’s cove. A lot of water. Here are some photos first of the parking areas and then the breach into Swan Cove.

parking-lotpowerbreach mtg-ocean   rapids  swan-cove

Arne & Carlos Edition 3

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Just received their new edition and it is even better than the others.


These are on the website now at this link: Arne & Carlos

Snowy Afternoon

Posted by Caroline Hershey

A snowy afternoon on Chincoteague is the perfect time for making cookies and knitting.

While knitting those six pairs of socks for Cminionhristmas, I took time out to knit this cute little Minion hat for the youngest grandchild. Her look says it all – what are they doing to me now?


The arrival of ducks and 50+ tundra swans at Assateague make for a fun afternoon of bird watching. Yesterday we saw these Wigeons on Swan Cove.



Carodan Yarns ~
Thank you for great service and wonderful yarns.

Christine from Maine

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