New Grandbaby!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

We have a new granddaughter, Emily Ann, born to Sarah & Ben. We are off to see her this week and will have limited open hours in the shop. Please check our webpage for hours.


Just Arrived

Posted by Caroline Hershey

This Noro Book, Game of Hues, just arrived. Details of it will be on the website this week. It has patterns for Janome, Hanabatake and Shinryoku.


Devil Who?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Over summer, Dan showed me a shrub which could only be described as evil since it has thorns up and down its branches. Not little bitty thorns but great big ones which would send you over the edge if you stuck yourself. Are they tipped with poison? No, just giant thorns. It is actually called devil’s walking stick. This fall I spied this lovely purple color, what I thought was a flower, in the woods and went to investigate. Not flowers but berries. On, none other, than this devil’s walking stick. Beautiful color but not inspired to add it to the Chincoteague colors yet (remembering those thorns.)


Grandchildren’s Knit-In

Posted by Caroline Hershey

One morning found them gathered round grandma and “how do I do this.”


DSCN2853 DSCN2854

They finished up a scrubby and a scarf. Pretty nice accomplishments for a 10 and 7 year old.
Of course, not shown is grandpa with a pile of yarn they brought that looked like all 5 of them had played ball with it. He happily got all the knots out and wound it into a ball, ready to go again. Always nice to have someone in the house to fix those “oops.”

Royal Tern

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Spotted these lovely birds on the dune at the beach. Maybe 8-10 of them. Just preening and enjoying the sunshine that day.


The Tall & Short of It

Posted by Caroline Hershey

They were sitting side by side on the counter and had to share with you.


This past winter just about killed our fig trees but they struggled and gave us a few figs, although very small. We are missing them as last year we had enough for fig jam and to dry them which is a real treat. Our Asian Persimmon grew to its usual size (3 inches) but did not have the flavor it normally has, probably because of all the rain we have had lately.

Looking for a bright self-striping sock yarn. Take a look at the Neon Now sock yarn from Plymouth.
Definitely an eye-catcher.


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