Posted by Caroline Hershey

This lovely weed has begun blooming and we would enjoy it a lot more if it didn’t sprout from every seed that it ever produced. If you don’t pull, pull, pull as they are coming up, your flower beds would soon consist of nothing else.


And this is our Chincoteague Colors yarn in the Jewelweed colorway. What do you think?


Another Project Completed!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Do you do a happy dance when you finish a project? I certainly do since my number of UFO’s borders on the ridiculous. But I do have the excuse of new yarns coming in all the time and gosh, I just have to try them out, right? So this is the Super Eyelet Shawl which is being blocked, and I used Louisa Harding Noema, two balls. Very easy, pretty fast knit.


There was a launch at Wallops this morning, went off like clockwork it seemed from our vantage point. The roar from the rocket was just loud, didn’t shake the house as some have done. This one was a suborbital rocket with lots of student projects loaded on it. When we were on the tour of the Wallops facility earlier this summer, we saw what they called the rocket skin used with the student project rockets. The students had signed their names all over it with school names, etc. Everyone wanted to know all the details of their projects, the rocket propulsion and all those things. All I wanted to know was what ink pens they used to sign it. The skin looked like it had been used multiple times, but there were all their names with out smudge. Some things are just important.

Blue Moon

Posted by Caroline Hershey

While waiting for the blue moon the other evening, we were entertained by the birds cavorting in the sand and appear to be set upon by the waves coming in. Appearances are deceiving however since there is a drop-off right on the other side of the bird and no waves make it that far.


This snooty gull was making tracks away from his lowly friends.


And then the moon rose and was it ever spectacular.


KnitXperience 2015

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Information and registration are now posted on our website for KnitXperience, A Knitters’ Retreat. We will once again be at Graves Mountain Lodge in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA.

DSCN2921_small  Our topic this year will be knitting a Dala Horse which has been   adopted as a symbol of Sweden. Enjoy learning about the development of this distinctive craft and knit your own horse, all the while increasing your knitting skills with many techniques. You can read more about the weekend retreat at the following link:


Arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Mt. Pleasant, MI

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