Beach Walk

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Early, early morning walk  just after sunrise to catch the ponies being driven down the beach. I was easily distracted by the beauty around us. Keep in mind, red sky in the morning, sailor take warning.









Does the sky look a bit more ominous? We were caught in a thunderstorm as we walked back to the truck, a two mile walk from where we were. Very glad I had brought a zip loc bag for my camera. I poured the water out of my shoes. Each year is very memorable.

Beautiful Chincoteague Ponies

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Swim week is here with the round-up of the two herds, southern herd on Saturday and northern on Sunday. Such a treat to see the new foals and of course watching the saltwater cowboys doing their terrific job of corralling these animals.


Of course you can’t resist the beautiful egrets preening along the borrow ditch.


A New Chincoteague Colors

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Blue Crab colorway

When we kayaked out to Little Beach the other week, we came across so many blue crabs, dead and alive. What I loved about them were the colors of their claws – that blue with a streak of orange down the side. Came back thinking about it for days and then had to try it. Took several batches but think I have a good facsimile of the colors.


We’ll be making this available soon. Let me know what you think please.


No crabs after these little toes. What pure fun at the beach with our grandchildren this week.

Pony Penning is Almost Here!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

We’ve dyed some Chincoteague Colors yarn special for this event.

We have such fun the whole week from the drive down the beach for the north herd to join the southern, to the actual swim which always has surprises in store, to the auction and then the swim back. An incredibly full week. And don’t forget the Blueberry Festival which is the weekend preceding the swim. Whew!

Here’s the Pony Penning Sunrise yarn which we dyed in the Cove fingering wt.


And here’s the shawl currently in progress:

The name is Reyna and may be found on Ravelry as a free download.

Paintpot DK Yarn

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Very  Popular Baby Yarn

Plymouth Yarns Dreambaby DK Paintpot yarn is one of our most popular baby yarns. The fact that it is delightfully soft, and machine washable makes it a perfect choice for your next baby garment whether it’s a cute little hat or a cardigan. You can get the pattern for this sweet little hat as a free download here.


Our latest kayaking trip led us to an island in the Chincoteague Bay, Mills Island. Lovely day, paddling was great, spied the sandy beach we had seen in a photo on the internet. We sent Dan in to investigate not realizing he had a greedy reception committee waiting for him. Dan was out of the kayak and back in so fast, swatting, swatting and swatting some more. I’m sure you have guessed that our reception committee consisted of those dear creatures, mosquitoes. They certainly ruined that beach for us, and we ended up eating lunch out on the water far from the shore. Then we happened upon  what I thought were red flower petals floating in the water. They turned out to be thousands of blood worms. YUCK! But, a lovely bait for fishing. Thunder spurred us back to Taylor Landing. Once again, no camera for me. One of these trips I’ll be brave.



Independence Day!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Happy July 4th to you!

A fairly quiet day here with scattered showers. Many people in the shop with ouchy sunburns from yesterday when the beaches beckoned and sunscreens were forgotten.

We found this cute little butterfly (at least I think it’s a butterfly because it folds its wings) on our bachelor button flowers. I just knew he would not wait for me to retrieve my camera but there he was, happily flitting from one flower to another.


One of the lovely new yarns in the shop is Anise from Louisa Harding. It’s a cotton blend tape which I used for this drop stitch scarf. Perfect for light weight summer wear just draping around your neck.



I received the order and I do thank you. I look forward to doing further business with you.

Chestertown, MD

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