What A Day!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Perfection was handed to us.

Dan and I went kayaking yesterday, heading out from the Municipal Park across the Assateague Channel. We were busy enjoying the beautiful weather, trying to paddle across the channel before a motor boat took us out, and then looked up to see two mares and their foals grazing on one of the grassy mud flats. So I pulled out my camera. NOT! I still cannot take a camera in the kayak. Visions of it sinking into the mud and oyster shells always keeps my hand off it as I head out the door. But, it was a camera ready moment. Sweet little foals dancing around their moms. We paddled further taking in the oyster catchers, terns, tricolor heron doing a shadow dance herding minnows, egrets, lbj’s (little brown jobs as Cathy calls them). And there standing actually above us on the grassy spot was a band of about a dozen ponies. Oh for my camera! I eyed the sand bar toward NASA while eating lunch at Little Beach. Dan said don’t even think about it. It’s miles not the little bit it looks. What an absolutely fantastic day!

The other Saturday we had International Knit in Public Day at Reed park and I demonstrated finger knitting and arm knitting. Sarah took me up on trying it and had pretty good success.


Dreambaby DK Paintpot

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Knitting for babies?

Dreambaby Paintpot has become a very popular yarn in the shop due to its softness, lovely colors, and machine washability. there are some great patterns as well as a free one on the Plymouth Yarns website.

We were at the national Zoo last week and much to my delight and amazement discovered dozens of Night Herons that fly into the zoo from surrounding rivers. There are so many and they come so regularly that they have a pen with their name on it, but the herons are in the trees all around it, some in the pen, but obviously no one stays there. They return to the river area to roost overnight.

Class Schedule for June/July

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Beginning Knitting: 3 -2hr classes
June 24, July 1, July 8   10-12
$35 + materials
Need a refresher or learn from the beginning how to cast on, the knit stitch, purl stitch, bind off. Make a scarf/cowl, and hat utilizing these.
Celtic Designs: one 2 hr class each month
June 25, July 9   10-12
dates of other classes TBA.
$20/class. Homework required.
Make a wash cloth size piece starting with the simplest design, each month increasing in complexity. Learn cabling, introduction to reading charts.
Fish Lips Kiss Heel: one 3-hr class
June 26   10-1
$35 + materials
Homework required
Want a sock heel with no picked up stitches? This is the one for you. Knit socks that fit!
Techniques class: one 2 hr class
July 2
Explore various ways to cast on your knitting & uses for each.
Other Techniques classes this summer to include: bind offs, beading. Dates TBA
Stretchy cast-ons, firm cast-ons, middle of knitting cast-ons – which one should I use? Try them out and learn when to use them.

Lovely Gina Yarn

Posted by Caroline Hershey

This is really a workhorse of a yarn, from side to side vests, to shawls (think Bermuda shawl), to felted slippers, to hats. It’s self-striping characteristic reminds you of other yarns we’ve always looked to for this type of patterning. This hat is knitted side to side using short rows. If you haven’t mastered short rows, you’ll definitely know how to make them once you finish the Gina hat. A free pattern found on the Plymouth yarns web site.


The glossy ibis in all their beautiful colors are back on Assateague Island. I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t seen many white ibis at all, and driving down our drive one morning spied a white ibis pecking around in our neighbors field. Can never tell where things will pop up.


Stella Jacq Yarn

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Looking for a yarn that is self-striping with a bit of fairisle to it? This is the yarn for you. I made just a simple hat out of Stella Jacq with great results. Beautiful colors along with the striping/fairisle goodness.


I do believe this critter trucks across our backyard every year. Nasty looking snapper I think. Look out baby ducks. You’re fair game to this guy.


Cactus Honey?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I was really surprised to see our prickly pear cactus literally crawling with bees. Dan wondered if the light pollen on their legs would make for really light colored honey. We have two more hives this year off island along with the single hive here. We have to be so careful with the hive here that it is covered when they conduct the aerial spraying for mosquitoes. Last summer we were on vacation when they sprayed and it killed about half the bees. Dan nursed them along all winter and now it looks like we might get honey this summer. YUM!


A very quick knit out of this yarn – Zuzu’s Petals in Arona, a cotton, self-striping yarn. I call this my Red, Hot, & Blue cowl. Obviously no reflection of the colors. I was knitting this after MD S&W show when we dragged ourselves into Annapolis to spend the night before heading all the way home and the only place open to eat at that hour was the, you got it, Red, Hot & Blue barbecue. Every time I look at this cowl, it conjures up the fragrance of good food for weary souls.


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