Quilted Loop Pattern

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Such fun!

I used four colors of Queensland WhitSunday to make this cowl with a gradient of colors from dark to light. It has a total of 72 rows, carrying two colors together on each row.¬†You changed colors every 6 rows, dropping one yarn and adding another. I so enjoyed knitting this. There’s enough yarn to make two cowls or one infinity scarf from these 4 balls. The pattern is Quilted Loop and is a free pattern on Ravelry.


SoXperience 2015

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Information/registration posted

We have all the information pertaining to this years SoXperience now posted on our website. We’ll be concentrating on two different heel solutions which we have labeled Better Than the Basic. One heel was developed by the most creative Cat Bordhi, Sweet Tomato Heel, and the other, Fish Lips Kiss by Sox Therapist. These will definitely be fun to dive into.

Venezia Cowl

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Love Adding Beads

This cowl with the Venezia yarn was a pleasure to knit keeping my attention throughout. Loved the beading. Just enough to add sparkle, but not so much to be problematic while knitting. How do you add beads? I just use a crochet hook, if the yarn is thin enough, placing them as I knit. I also use those dental thingys to thread around the yarn, and through the bead to slide it onto the yarn. I think I actually prefer that as I end up with less split yarn.


The pattern is Slip Stream cowl available on Ravelry. One skein of the Venezia.


Posted by Caroline Hershey


We were so excited our last walk on the Refuge to see a warbler, identify it, even get a photo. People always talk about sighting this warbler, that warbler and in my¬†experience they are so little and so fast, it’s like trying to catch a laser beam. Looking it up we found that it’s range is pretty much all over the south this time of year, nothing special. But, it is definitely to us. So the spring time warblers can keep going at light-speed, and I’ll just smile and nod at the list of warblers folks have seen. I have seen mine. Oh yeah, it’s the yellow rumped warbler. PS: I hope we identified it correctly.



Posted by Caroline Hershey

What are you doing today?

We’re dyeing yarns here and had to share this new one called Dreaming of Spring. The yarn’s not even dry yet. So you know what we’re doing while our hands are busy.



you are my saviours. this is the second time you have saved my crazy knitter's inspiration so you are elevated to yarn goddess!!

Julie from CA

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