Yarn Tasting Right Here July 19th

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Don’t miss trying these fabulous yarns!

Our Yarn Tasting (no we don’t put it in our mouths just on our needles!) is scheduled for July 19th from 10-12am. The fee is $5 and as you can imagine, it takes some prep work on our part to get ready, so we are asking that you preregister by Wed., July 16th.

The lovelies that we will be casting on with are:

  • yarns from Ella Rae such as her Chunky Merino Lace, a yarn called Seasons,  Cozy Alpaca, and a funky one called Pompe with pompoms all over it.
  • Chincoteague Colors yarns: the complete line with a couple of new ones you haven’t seen yet!

Free patterns will be available for these yarns.

Register early as we have limited space, bring several sizes of needles and a little bit of appetite for some tea and scones.

It will be fun to try out yarns you never experienced before.


Posted by Caroline Hershey

Are you hunched over your knitting?

One morning I was knitting on the cute baby sunhat below, and realized I was not only leaning forward but also hunched over my knitting. Granted it was 100% cotton yarn, not my favorite thing to knit with but…I proceeded to straighten up and talk about pfor-catherineain. So, I am very aware of my posture now and do some of these exercises when knitting for long stretches of time. How’s your posture? Do yourself a favor and do some stretches now and then. Knitting Daily had some quick exercises for you in this article. Here’s that cute lil sunhat I was making for a friend’s granddaughter. The crocheted draw string keeps it adjustable allowing for growth for quite some time.




What is this ugly thing walking across our backyard? A giant snapping turtle! There must be a purpose for these, right?


It Might As Well Be Fifty!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Who would have thought that driving 8 miles would make a body so grouchy! Our one grocery store on the Island closed a week ago after months of poorly stocked shelves.  Now we drive to the grocery store off Island, just 8 miles away, but when you are used to the convenience of practically walking to the store, it feels like 50. We have been spoiled haven’t we? Besides, driving across the causeway you are treated to wondrous sights – laughing gulls and their raucous carrying on, black backed stilts strutting along the mud flats, the gorgeous colors of the waters, newly forming islands  in the channels. And I could go on, but you can see what impatient people we have become when we can complain about driving under those conditions.




We took a break to help our daughter, Melissa, work with her bee hives and take honey off. Does it make you salivate?





The camera strayed a little to capture one of their llamas, Cusco, enjoying the day.

And of course, I didn’t include the photo of Melissa’s brother with an ice pack on his nose where a bee got revenge for being disturbed! :0

International Knit in Public Week

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Chincoteague Celebrates a Knit in Public Day

The International Knit in Public Week is June 14th – 21st. The Chamber of Commerce asked if we would like to be a part of their Fridays on the Porch series, so we are jumping the gun by a day and having our Chincoteague celebration this Friday, June 13th from 2-4. Meet at the circle bringing your knitting of course, a folding chair, some water. Always fun to be with other knitters.

A Project Finished!

Posted by Caroline Hershey



Marion took our class on fingerless mitts with celtic knot design. She brought them in the other day, pleased with the results. She used our Chincoteague Colors yarn, Channel Collection, color Marsh Rose.



Imagine my surprise when Oliver, our laughing gull, showed up again this year to scavenge cat food on our deck. It is a seagulllittle amazing not only how far they migrate and return not only to the same island, but to the same house. Must really like Meow Mix.




mermaidWhile at the MD Sheep & Wool show, I would spy particularly pretty knitted items being showcased on people as they walked around the show. One of these I liked is the Mermaid scarf. I worked it out of the bulky yarn, Marble, and attached a seahorse button and it looks perfect. It is a quick project.



Thank you! Very, very prompt! I received it yesterday.

Austin, TX

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