Posted by Caroline Hershey

I enjoy a good football game with everyone else but the pregame coverage of the Super Bowl is over the top. I’m almost tired of the Budweiser Clydesdale horses. Today, in desperation, I turned to the weather station hoping to find a refreshing view of blizzards or balmy weather in other parts of the US. Instead, I was treated to the weather forecast for the Super Bowl, QUARTER BY QUARTER! Good grief! My kindle is calling.

Look at this lovely fellow we spied out on the refuge waters before the big freeze. A Northern Pintail. (They’re still there but in the open water pools far back from the roadways.)


We’ve started the Sand Dollar Sales again, which we dubbed Snow Day Sale last week. This is posted on our frontpage of the website at the beginning of each week. This past week it was Alpaca Classic yarn. Catch the sales right away as they sell out quickly as you can imagine at $1.00/ball. Can’t beat that.

Frozen Tom’s Cove

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Dan took this photo of a Cooper’s Hawk at the visitor’s center and if you look past the hawk, you can see a frozen Tom’s Cove.  The polar vortex seems to have had Chincoteague in its sights this winter. The hawk is lovely, about 17-19 inches in height.



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