Small Catastrophe in Dye Room

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I always assumed that if I had a disaster with my dyes, it would be because I knocked over a bottle of the dye solution, which really would be a disaster. But, as the case may be, it came in the form of my side-swiping a supposedly closed jar of dye powder only to find the lid not on tightly. Blue powder descended onto a box of 20 some cans of cat food, down the front of a wooden washboard, several assorted containers and finally hitting the floor.

Thankfully I had my mask on or I would be sneezing blue. YUK! I turned an afternoon of peaceful dyeing into a horrendous clean-up detail.  That was not fun. Still trying to find the lesson in that one – maybe be more careful, double check, etc, etc.  The next day proved to be much more satisfying in the dye room.

Spring Has Sprung

Posted by Caroline Hershey

And a Happy Mother’s Day!

We really do have spring fever, as in I’d rather be planting than doing much else. Dan and I are enablers when it comes to buying plants. Even at MD Sheep & Wool, the plant stands beckoned to us and we came back with a “haul” from there. These lovelies blooming now were brought from the farm, at least the seeds and everyone of them sprouted I believe. They are very invasive, but oh so pretty in big drifts in front of the house. Here’s hoping we remember to pull most of them up after they stop blooming.


Morning Primrose

We Survived MD Sheep & Wool

Posted by Caroline Hershey

People? What people?

If you have ever been to the MD S&W show you understand exactly what I mean. And being a vendor adds a whole other level of stress to the picture. But, we got to see people we hadn’t seen in a year, catch up with a few snatches of conversation and generally had a good time. I even broke away and went to the sheep barn, and found some Romneys to hug on, shed a few nostalgic tears, and got my sheep fix for another year.  And my dyeing class was wonderful adding a new dimension to what I have previously been doing. Vickie Jensen of ProChem is a great instructor with a wealth of knowledge to draw on.

Look at what’s been going on on the Island while we were gone! Foals are dropping.


And what’s happening in the shop? We’re finishing up classes – the market bag, top-down sumer cardigan and coming up is the next installment of the washcloths. A new one every month to increase your knitting skills with new stitches. In October we’ll make soaps to package with them as possible Christmas gifts.



Just to advise you that the above order arrived safely (in France!). I'm thrilled both with my order and the speed with which it arrived. I hope to do business with you again! Thank you very much!


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