MiniMochi Shawl

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Plugging along

Had a great weekend taking the grandchildren (and their parents) to the circus in Philadelphia. Even the babies loved it, clapping along with everyone else. Dan was kind enough to drive up so that I could work on one of the shawls. Working on the ninth section with one more to go. Hopefully will have it to display at the Mid-Atlantic quilt Festival this week.

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Coming up Feb. 21-24th

We are getting ready for the quilt festival and knitting like crazy to get the models done. I’m hoping to finish these to have on display:

Finished the fifth section, half way! Mini Mochi yarn.

Another Bermuda Shawl (they are addictive), this out of Taiyo Sock.

This is using Ranco Multi with some solids. I think it will be striking to wear if I can just get it finished.

I have my work cut out for me. Hope to see you at the festival.

Bermuda Shawl KAL

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Knit Knight KAL

Our Knit Knight group has been coming together for a KAL this past month and the fun can be seen in this photo of finished and works in progress. Many thanks to Jackie for sharing her spreadsheet row by row knitting instructions.

They are all using Silk Garden sock yarn with the exception of Josh who is using Stiletto. Several members are not pictured because they left for Florida if you can imagine. We have gotten bitten by the “Bermuda bug.” I have my second one going in Taiyo sock and will post later. It is addictive.


Carodan Yarns ~
Thank you for great service and wonderful yarns.

Christine from Maine

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