Variety is the Spice

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Okay, so I have several shawls going at one time. In my defense, they are different weights of yarn, some more complex than others. Sometimes my brain is too tired to travel along the pattern, and I just want to knit mindlessly without having to pull it all out the next day.

So, I confess, this is the one I have worked on for the last day or two. It’s the first two sections of the Curlicue Coverlet which was originally written as a baby blanket but has been subverted to a shawl by only completing 10 of the 15 sections giving a lovely capelet type shawl. The MiniMochi is lovely with the color change. What do you think?

Wishing You a Merry Christmas!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

The grandchildren are tucked in with visions of sugar plums (maybe chocolates) dancing in their heads. Ma and Pa (grandma & grandpa too) are looking forward to a good nights sleep. Who are we kidding! They will be up at the crack of dawn or earlier. What fun. And we remember as we celebrate Christmas to give thanks for the very One who is the center of it all. Thank you Jesus for these many blessings.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year with blessings full to the top and running over.

Dan & Caroline

New Obsession

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Check this out

The Bermuda shawl is what it is. I’m using Gina yarn and lovin’ the color changes. And the pattern, just when you’re getting bored with knitting back and forth on all the stitches, you’re doing a short row section. I had to hide this from myself this past week so I could finish up my Christmas knitting. but now, I can just really enjoy knitting on it, because… I finished all my Christmas knitting! HOORAY! That is to say, not all that I had delusions of doing a month ago, but all that I finally came to the realization that I could do. So, I’m happy with it.

Hats, Hats and More Hats

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Once upon a time

I have a large pile of skeins of yarn that I test dyed for colors or fibres and rejected them for one reason or another. Many are lovely colors and I had the grand illusion of knitting a hat for each of our eight grandchildren from these for Christmas. Well…ask me how far I have gotten. To be honest I have exactly two done. Glad it wasn’t a large part of the presents. Hopefully you have made better progress on knitting gifts than I have.

So many things kept getting in the way. Friends kept having babies, one grandbaby turned the magic age of one so I have been knitting hats, just not the planned ones.

I loved this hat and little tube socks that I did two at a time by  magic loop method.

This little frog hat was perfect for the baby of friends who chose not to know whether it would be a boy or girl. What do you make then?

A little frog hat of course with a crocheted flower which can be left on for a little girl or removed if it’s a boy.

Why do we make hats for babies anyway? You know the first thing they do is rip them off. Our baby Elise was no exception with the little princess crown hat I knitted. It did stay on about 2 seconds.

The two hats knitted so far from our reject skeins are plain hats with ribbing to turn up and decrease swirl top. I even knitted two of those at the same time until they got so big I had to ask myself if this was really going faster at this point. So, birthdays are coming.

I would make greater speed if I didn’t keep getting distracted by other knitting. After Jackie has shown us so many Bermuda shawls that she has knitted, our Knit Knight group can’t wait to knit the Bermuda shawl so we are having a KAL beginning in January. Not one to let them get ahead of me, I started knitting one in Gina (which is heavier than those used in the pattern.) I love knitting but this shawl is the most fun I’ve had knitting in a long time. The “waves” back and forth using short rows and the color changes in the yarn make it one that’s hard to put down. Maybe that’s why I only have two hats so far!

They’re coming today to clear more fallen trees due to Sandy from the back of our property so perhaps that will be an excuse to pull out the knitting and knit a hat, knit a shawl, which one and watch them climbing and cutting with the chain saw. Oh, maybe I don’t want to watch!

The Socks Without End

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Josh cast on for this pair of socks using the magic loop. Ahhh, success, no problem there. Then he knitted and knitted the leg of the sock. Is this sock looking a little large? Oh, what the heck. I’ll just keep knitting. Oh wow! this heel is a little baggy do you think? I’ll just keep knitting. Oh my gosh! This is the sock without end!

Never one to let a sock beat him, Josh ripped it out and began again, this time with needles several sizes smaller and comparing foot and sock many times over. AND SUCCESS!

Josh has a super measure of perserverance!

Knit Knight Parties

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Well rounded knitters have many interest.
Here’s to prove the point:

One of the discussions at Knit Knight revolved around pasta, homemade pasta specifically. Laura let the conversation circle around and around and then surprised us all by admitting that she used to make it all the time. Now, after we grilled her on what kind, how many and all that good stuff, she had had enough of our drooling, hungry looks, and proceeded to offer to cook us a dish with her homemade pasta. Well…we jumped on it and soon had the date and what everyone else was bringing because this meant a MEAL, right?

To make a long story short, Laura made her pasta and created for us a delicious lasagna. Other delights ranged from homemade bread, to quiche, a lovely salad to make us feel healthy and a very English trifle. All Yummy!

Recently, our Christmas party led to an investigation of a pattern found in the new Malabrigo book #4 for a cowl using the Rasta yarn. It’s a fast knit, guaranteed as Jackie sat and knitted it while chatting.

 Then, what to do with it?

Shirley offered to be the guinea pig so we pulled it on her.
Looks good on but what a strange critter it is to knit with its drop stitches and gigantic holes they create.
We had lots of delicious food once again. Do you see a continuing thread here – knitting, food, food, knitting?

What a wonderful time we have at our weekely gatherings – Thursdays from 6-8. Come and join in!


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