Yarn Stuffing

Posted by Caroline Hershey

They came, they saw, they stuffed yarn into all the shelves.  And when all the yarn had found it’s place, I discovered they had just moved too fast for Dan.

Thank you, thank you to all the helpers who came today, hopefully had fun and changed us from spring & summer, to fall and winter yarns. Come see all the new yarns!

Wingspan & Stiletto Yarn

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Stiletto Yarn

Taking a tip from a visiting sales rep, I began knitting the Wingspan pattern in the new yarn Stiletto from Plymoutn yarns. And I’m not disappointed. The Wingspan pattern is simple and easy to keep up with and the variations in the Stiletto make it a colorful scarf, not to mention the little bit of glitz in the Stiletto yarn. All around, a very nice yarn. With 2 more “leaves” to knit, I should be through soon.


you are my saviours. this is the second time you have saved my crazy knitter's inspiration so you are elevated to yarn goddess!!

Julie from CA

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