Ropes & Pulleys & Sails

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Tall ships and knitting?

Knitting designs everywhere. We went for a cruise on one of the Tall Ships, part of OpSail 2012, this past weekend, and if I were a pattern designer, I would have gone crazy between the ropes holding the sails, the hardware for the ropes and the actual rope designs.

The ropes on the ships are incredibly heavy, massive and pretty much ungainly, and you will quickly notice that the ropes are never left just laying about. They are either immediately tied off on those hooks placed strategically on the sides of the ships and masts or they are quickly wound into circles when laying on the deck of the ship. They would be pretty useless and dangerous just left laying around.

Look at the knots I found here and there on the ship.

These must have specific names. Anyone had experience with these?

Hmmm. Think when I rip knitting out I’ll just wrap it into one of these. Yeah, right.

Unfinished Project Month

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Yes, that’s month!

I have designated July as Unfinished Project Month for me. I plan to finish all my projects that have been languishing in the corners, and embarrassing as it may sound, I may not get them finished, there are so many.

Why have they been just sitting there? Some have had parts ripped out because I didn’t like how they were going together, maybe one I didn’t like the color after all, and a lot of times life has just gotten in the way…knitting baby blankets, Christmas presents, shop models, starting a collection of hand dyed yarns, things like that. AWK!!! Hadn’t thought about all those. And if truth be told, it will definitely take me until July 1st to gather and organize all those projects. There are needles in there I need anyway.

How about you? Do you have a pile of UFO’s or are you super disciplined not starting anything new until the last is finished? Let me know how you’re doing it!

Knit In Public Day, Chincoteague Island Style

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Knit in Public Day is coming up, June 16th, 11-3 at Reed Park Pavilion here on Chincoteague Island. Make plans to join us.

11:00 – Finger knitting.
12:00 Triangle Loom Weaving Demo
1:00 Kool Aid Dyeing.

Finger Knitting and Kool Aid Dyeing are suitable for all ages.

What fun sitting by the Chincoteague Chanel. Bring your knitting or come and learn how to knit.

Bring lawn chair, and water.


Thank you! Very, very prompt! I received it yesterday.

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