Teaching Grandchildren to Knit

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What a delight to be able to share knitting with my grandchildren. Caroline is three years old and is really creative with plans for Grandma’s  knitting needles and balls of yarn but for a short while will sit still and work with the yarn and needles. Our five year old is a lot more interested but Legos definitely have it all over yarn and needles for him I believe.


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A vest for sure.

sweaterWaistcoat according to the dictionary is a sleeveless piece of clothing with buttons which people usually wear over a shirt. I think we usually refer to them as vests and this lovely example has no buttons. Cathy knitted this for the shop out of the Cascade Jewel yarn which is beautiful with its variation in color through out the skein. It is generally what I would call a bulky yarn however it does vary in thickness. The pattern has a shawl style collar which flows down the front to wrap all the way around the waist and up the other side. What comfortable wearing. The pattern is from the Queensland Collection Book Eleven by Jenny Watson. It is full of gorgeous designs.

KnitXperience Lite

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Information and registration are ready now on our web site for KnitXperience lite, or Low Impact Techniques for Everyone, March 18-20th, here on Chincoteague Island. 

It’s all about knitting, shaking off the last of that cabin fever. There will be no organized workshops or classes, but topics for discussion. There are an incredible number of what you might consider hum drum knitting topics, which, on closer inspection, yield many areas where tidbits of information will improve your knitting.

The fee for the Retreat is $25 plus your lodging. Make lodging reservations directly with the Chincoteague Island Motor Inn by calling: 757-336-3141. Please tell them you are with the knitting retreat to receive the great rate they are offering us.

Knitters’ Nightmare

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Or, what has that cat been up to overnight???

Knitting laying out on the couch overnight. Plus one roaming, bored cat. Equals a disaster in the making.  And of course the knitting is one with beading. It’s amazing how she can nonchalantly be walking past the couch, and one paw will shoot out to snag the needle off the cushion. Wooden ones are her favorite. Morning found me on hands and knees searching. Found one needle with the knitting half pulled off. No second needle. With aid of flash light discovered it under the couch, her favorite spot to store goodies. And this is silk yarn. Give me a break Click. They can look so innocent in the morning. “Did I do that?”

KnitXperience Lite

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Two Great Weekends Coming Up!

We are putting together the last details for KnitXperience lite, a weekend on Chincoteague for knitting, relaxing, learning some new techniques. The date is March 18-20 at the Island Motor Inn on Chincoteague Island. They have given us great off season rates, just say you’re with the knitting group. More information is coming up in the next week.

SoXperience will be April 8-10th on Chincoteague Island. Wendy Johnson will leading the workshops on this weekend.  Get out your sock knitting needles because you’re gonna get them flying this weekend. The weekend workshops will be ready for registration in the next week. We have chosen the Hampton Motor Inn for this event. Just mention SoX to receive their reduced rate.


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