Chincoteague Island Winter

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Enjoy these photos from our Island.


Frozen Chincoteague Bay


Great Blue Heron with dinner in his sights.


Chincoteague ponies foraging.


All the others were expected but certainly not the wild turkeys pecking around in our parking lot.

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Almost

Posted by Caroline Hershey



A pile of Christmas stockings waiting for Grandma and Grandpa to fill them and deliver on Friday.








Have you finished all your projects? Mine include two scarves, a hat, earwarmers, all waiting to be wrapped. Then there is that one Christmas stocking that I’m finishing for the new grandbaby. Heading around the heel so think all is good with time to spare. WHEW! I always leave things to the last minute!

Merry Christmas to all and may all your unfinished projects be as simple as my last one. And Click says, one of these is mine, right? She’s already gotten her present – balls with rattles inside that make wonderful (depending on your point of view) noise bouncing down the stairs.

Cats and That Too Tempting Ornament

Posted by Caroline Hershey

We put up a perfectly lovely little lighted Christmas tree and decided to put small woolly sheep on it. Great huh? Click liked the idea too. 

Did I do that? 








Morning #2 found no pretense of innocence. Will there be any sheep left on the tree?

Cabled Sachet

Posted by Caroline Hershey

A simple but lovely knitted project, perfect for quick knitting and last minute gifts. Just fill with lavendar for a sweet, sweet fragrance.

Here’s the pattern I used for KnitXperience this fall when we were studying cables.

Cabled Sachet
50g ball Cotton yarn
Size 6 knitting needles 

Front Cross (FC): sl 2 sts to dpn and hold in front, p1, then k2 from dpn.
Back Cross (BC): sl 1 st to dpn and hold in back, k2, then p1 from dpn.

Close Braid Cable (from Barbara Walker)
Panel of 13 sts
Row 1: (Wrong side) K3, p4, k2, p2, k2.
Row 2: P2, FC, BC, FC, P2.
Row 3: and all subsequent wrong-side rows, knit all knit sts and purl all purl sts.
Row 4: P3, sl next 2 sts to dpn and hold in back, k2, then k2 from dpn; p2, k2, p2.
Row 6: P2, BC, FC, BC, P2.
Row 8: P2, k2, p2, sl next 2 sts to dpn and hold in front, k2, then k2 from dpn; p3.
Repeat Rows 1-8

CO 31 sts
Work 4 rows in 1×1 rib.
Begin Row 1 working cable over center13 sts. On either side of the cable work 7 purl sts and 2 knit stitches and on subsequent rows knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts for these sts on either side of the cable panel.
Repeat cable panel 5 times or as long as you want.
Repeat 4 rows rib.
Bind off.
Fill with lavender (may put lavender in small bag inside the knitted bag)

PolarKnit Hat

Posted by Caroline Hershey

PolarKnit Yarn


 This is just a simple rolled brim hat knitted in the PolarKnit yarn we just received. Soft with the promise of great warmth. It took just over 2 balls of the yarn and this fits an average size 21″ head. Try it out.

Care Packages for SFS

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Socks for Soldiers is in urgent need of items to finish their care packages such as more personal care items, food snack and drink items, candy, cookies, etc. Also hand made soaps to go with all the wash cloths they have received. If you can help, please email us and we’ll send the address if needed. Please send directly to them. In addition, cold, hard cash to help with shipping costs.

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