Felted Fiber Day

Posted by Caroline Hershey

The day was a great success with our learning the ins and outs of felting flowers and shepherds. Some of it was definitely harder than others, some parts needed more practice, some just needed less ouchies from the needles. :) And, as an added treat, the zumba class in the next room kept us entertained. Enjoy the photos!


Fran and Ruth try their hand at making felted flowers.





Connie helping Barbara and Carolyn with their flowers.

We were delighted to have Connie Delamater as the instructor, sharing her knowledge of felting techniques. 




 Jill was really concentrating on getting the felting to go faster.







Finished flowers made with the two different methods.





connie-shepherdsThe shepherds and santas were such fun to make and each had their very own personality. Someone commented that the faces usually resembled someone you know. Hmmmm. We won’t go there.

Fingerless Mitts

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Finger perfect

fingerless-mittsCathy made these for the shop and we were both amazed at how easy they went together, and they also only required one ball of yarn. She used the Kathmandu Aran and the Cabin Fever pattern for fingerless mittens. The cable makes it extra special. It’s one of our Super Starter classes we’re having this month.

Dan and I were biking back from the refuge loop over the weekend and stopped on the bridge over the Assateague Channel. Me, because my tongue was hanging out, and he was being kind. And to our surprise, we spotted eagles sailing up above. Just think, if I hadn’t been ready to expire and forced us to stop, we would have missed that perfect treat.

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