Eastern Shore Yarn Crab Crawl

Posted by Caroline Hershey

September 2010

You probably have heard of yarn crawls and now the Eastern Shore has yarn crab one. Travel up and down the eastern shore visiting yarn shops, sampling their yarns, seeing the sights in their unique locations. Now what’s not to like about that??? Purchase the passport and bag for $15 and receive 20% off your yarn purchase at all the participating shops during the month of September. Many shops have other specials running at that time also. Check out all the shops that are participating in the Eastern Shore Yarn Crab Crawl and plan your trip. Call and reserve your bag/passport at one of the these shops.

We will be at the PA Quilt Festival at The Oaks outside of Philadelphia for one week of the Yarn Crawl (Sept 15-18) and if you visit our booth w ith your passport and bag we will honor the 20% off on the yarns that we have brought. So, another opportunity for you.

Sleepless in … Chincoteague

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Have you ever had one of those nights when your eyes pop open at 3 am and you know you’re gonna crash and burn the next day? Count sheep, right? Not for me. My sheep always get caught in the fence, and I discover them trying to push their way through instead of going over the top. So first I try to pull them out, but that only makes the sheep push forward harder. Okay, a push to the rear, also a no-go literally. So then I have to crawl over the fence and come at them from the front and out they go. Ahhh, mission accomplished. Oh, that’s right, I was trying to go back to sleep, not work up a sweat! What else to do but go downstairs and knit. Life is funny, but not this afternoon when the crash and burn happens. Maybe if I named the sheep…

Featured Product

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Addi Turbo Needles

The Cadillac of circular “speed” needles, Addi Turbos are made of nickel-plated brass with a long taper and moderately blunt tip. The gold-colored cord is softer and more pliable than other cords, with an almost rubberlike flexibility and snagless connection to the needle. “from Knitters Review.”

I agree with them, and have gradually shifted to addis for most projects. They are slick, so new knitters should practice to get the feel of them before launching their project.

The Addis are our Featured Product for the next 2 weeks ( July 14, 2010-July 28-2010). We offer 25% off these amazing needles. Enter the coupon code ADDI on your shopping cart, click on recalculate to receive the discount.

Swatch Pile

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Do you have a pile of swatches from previous knitting projects?

What do you do with them? You could put them in a journal type book with a notation of project, needles, amount, etc. I always mean to do this, but that part of my organizational skills escapes me.

What I usually do, is rip the swatch out and use in the project. If it hasn’t been too long since I knitted the swatch, I can just use it without any troubles. But what if you are nearing the end of your project and it has been weeks, months since the swatch was done and you just gotta use it. In fact, that swatch is worth gold to you, because you have absolutely run out. So you rip it out and stare aghast at the kinks and ripples in your yarn. What to do, what to do??? Wind your yarn loosely into a skein (not the ball that you immediately put it into!). You could wind it around your thumb and down to elbow and back again . Tie it in several places to keep the yarn from tangling. You’ve probably purchased hand dyed skeins that have ties in several places. Well, that’s what you need to do. Thoroughly wet the yarn, no rough stuff please, squeeze out excess water and hang in the shower to dry. Don’t weight it as this can change the character of the yarn from the original and it will look different when you join it to your knitting.

So, if  joining your swatches to make an afghan, or pasting into a project journal are not for you. Rip it out and use it in your project.

Reversible Knits

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Once Upon a Cable

Here’s a photo of the scarf we’ll be knitting at KnitXperience this year. Melissa is modeling the scarf knitted in llama yarn which has a reversible cable pattern. We will learn cabling by completing an easy bookmark and then, using the simple idea of using a knit/purl combo on the cable itself,  make it reversible. Perfect for those scarves, collars, anywhere both sides will show. A detail of the scarf edging shows the lovely scalloped cable edging. Wouldn’t you be thrilled to complete this scarf in the scrumptious yarn we are providing.? It really is not complicated at all.

Baby Cocoons

Posted by Caroline Hershey


I found “George” in our grandson’s baby cocoon taking a break from being the favorite toy. The baby cocoons were quick to knit out of Supersoft Aran using it  double stranded and the grandchildren liked them although baby Caroline, being the Imelda of hats, had to give it a try as head gear straightaway. What fun!

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