Featured Product – Kureyon Sock

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Eisaku Noro

You are accustomed to the magnificent colorways that are characteristic of the Noro yarns. His Kureyon Sock yarn is no different and the  70% wool & 30% nylon blend gives it durability. If socks aren’t your thing, how about scarves, boleros and sweaters? kureyon-sockWe have a bolero sweater in the shop knitted from the Kureyon Sock yarn and it is a show stopper. The pattern is found in the pattern book, Noro Joy by Jane Ellison

The Featured Product for the next 2 weeks (July 29, 2010-August 11, 2010) is the gorgeous Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. This means that you will receive a 25% discount off the regular price when you place your order on line. Enter the coupon code NORO on your shopping cart, click on recalculate to receive the discount. Then let your imagination run wild with projects galore.

Pony Penning Week on Chincoteague

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Pony Swim Complete with Cowboys

The long awaited week has arrived on the Island along with so many people …all here to see the famous ponies. We are excited as everyone else. Even with all the vacations out here before we moved, we never were here for pony swim.pony-beach
It began early yesterday with the salt water cowboys bringing the ponies, about 100, from the north end of Assateague down the beach to join the southern herd of about 50 to be checked by the vet to make sure they are healthy and able to make the swim.

pony-corralIt’s amazing to see all these ponies together.  After a strenuous walk down the beach to the corral, most of the foals were found dozing in the shade or eating. The stallions were having choice words with each other and the mares were rolling their eyeballs at the various displays of temper. Tomorrow is the big swim across the channel and march down the streets of Chincoteague to the fairgrounds where they will hold the auction the following day.


Not sure I want to see all the babies sold but that’s the way it is. They must keep the number on Assateague at 150 so the foals are sold each year.  All the buyers are checked out, no ponies riding off in the back of a VW bug. :)

Knitting Cast On Major Problem

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Problem Solver

With a great gnashing of teeth, you have cast on 99% of your 200+ stitches for a shawl, and guess what? You don’t have enough yarn in the long tail to cast on the rest of the stitches. Well isn’t that pleasant? Yank it out and start over and if you do that, you’re sure to overcompensate and have yards and yards of yarn too much.

Well, how about trying this method the next time. Using two balls of your yarn, or perhaps pull from the inside and outside of a single ball of yarn, make a slip knit as you normally would only using the two yarns held together. Cast on using the yarn coming from one ball ( or center pull on single ball) as the long tail, and the other ball as your active yarn ball.pleased sheep

Cast on one extra stitch, because when you knit the first row, you will pull the slip knot out. Cast on your stitches without danger of running out of yarn. At the end of your cast on, snip yarn from one ball and there you have a neat cast on with a lot less headache.

Cotton Blouse for Summer Wear

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Catalina Blousebetty-catalina

Take a look at what Betty Vincelli completed in a very short time I might add.

Betty stopped by the shop and had seen the Catalina Blouse pattern from Oat Couture pictured online and knew she wanted to knit that one. She chose Debbe Bliss Pure Cotton in color #06. Looks like a beautiful choice and a beautiful sweater completed for her summer wear. Great job Betty!

Kayaking Assateague Channel

Posted by Caroline Hershey

What not to do!

It was a kiss the ground… oh it’s mud and shells… right! kayaking trip today. With the waves breaking over the front of the kayaks, AWK!, we knew we were in trouble. We had gone into Little Oyster Bay and then into Big Oyster Bay and then made our way into the Assateague Channel just to see what was around the next stand of grasses. Big mistake. great-blueThe wind had whipped up and even though the tide was going our way, paddling was difficult. We made our way to a duck blind and glued ourselves to it for a while to rest.  A Great Blue Heron standing out in the middle fishing was probably yukking it up at our expense.  Did you know there are over 81 species of birds that nest on Assateague? We are usually treated to quite a show of different ones each time we go out kayaking which makes it worthwhile. I’ll still be very glad to sit and knit the rest of the afternoon. WHEW!

New RSS Feed Address & Email Updates

Posted by Caroline Hershey

As of this post, please visit our blog at http://www.carodanfarm/blog/ and on the left hand column, re-subscribe to our RSS feed or email updates in your inbox. We are using a new service and in order to continue to receive your updates you will need to sign up again or get our new RSS feed address. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again to all of you for your business.

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you are my saviours. this is the second time you have saved my crazy knitter's inspiration so you are elevated to yarn goddess!!

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