Lost and Found

Posted by Caroline Hershey

One thing about moving, you lose things and you find things. Since we have moved several times in the last 6-8 months, we have experienced this big time. Thankfully the found are beginning to outnumber the lost.

Some books have surfaced such as Lily Chin’s Tips and Tricks. She was talking about increasing by knitting into the front and back of a stitch and how it always leaves a bar which can be particularly annoying in a stockinette garment. She suggests reversing the order – knit into the back and then the front of the stitch. Still leaves a little bar but not as noticeable. Will have to try this. Let me know if you use this or try it yourself. Sounds like it might be a good tip to file away.

Knitting through Blisters

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Does not sound attractive. But that’s what happens when you go kayaking for the first time without gloves to protect your hands.  Thankfully the blisters are mainly on my thumbs, not the tips of my fingers and since I knit continental mostly, we are dealing okay with it. We did head to the bike shop to find suitable gloves.

silkgardenlite_medWalking around town, I’ve found I have conch shell envy. People have them stacked on their porches, in windows, decorating flower beds. How do you find these was my question to one and all. Wait for a storm and take a 4 wheel vehicle down the beach and you’ll find them washed up. Guess where I’ll be dragging Dan next! In the meantime, I had to break down and buy a couple for my shop windows.

We found out the other day that Noro Silk Garden Lite has been discontinued. We have just a little left if you like using it.

Chincoteague Island at Last!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

The beautiful land aross the water.

We are finally here enjoying this lovely island and it’s friendly, gracious people.

The Blessing of the Fleet over Memorial Day found Dan and myself standing on the old drawbridge while it was being “drawn” and boy were we surprised to not be shooed off blessing-fleetbefore all that happened. Suddenly we found ourselves staring down and I mean down at the Coast Guard boat (ship, not sure of the terminology yet J)  traveling through. Cool. Don’t think that will happen again.

This place has got to be A-OK. Found Dunk’nDonut coffee and Turkey Hill ice cream in the grocery on the island.  What more do we need?

PS: You can find us and all our yarn at:
6357 Maddox Blvd on Chincoteague Island
Hours: 10-5 T-F,  10-3 Sat,  Closed Sun-Mon

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