To Knot or Knot Not

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Or, why not knot?

Have you ever wondered about whether to knot the yarns together when you add a new length to your knitting? I have always kinda hidden the fact that I did knot the two yarns together because for many years I was told, DON’T KNOT YOUR YARNS! in about that voice too. Hence the subterfuge.

But you know when you discover a well known knitter (Lily Chin to be exact) says knot the yarns for the exact same reasons I always did, you feel vindicated. Like, do you want those yarns coming apart later in your knitting, or how wibbly wobbly are the edge stitches when the yarns are just flapping in the breeze so to speak. And if you don’t make a strangle hold knot, you can come back later and loosen the knot and secure the two yarns within your knitting. And of course, you don’t want to join a new yarn in the middle of a row. That’s just asking for trouble.

KnitXperience 2010

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Once Upon a Cable

Information and registration is now ready on the website for KnitXperience 2010.

Cables flummox a lot of people but actually are very simple with the use of markers and an excellent instructor. We’ll have both at KnitXperience so that you will be confident  including cables in your next project.

And don’t forget the location, Graves Mountain Lodge. The scenery is spectacular in the fall and you’ll want to take advantage of the trails for hiking or just sitting on the porch letting the world go by.

New Grandbaby!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Our new grandbaby, Joshua, was born to daughter Sarah and husband Ben yesterday. All are doing well and baby Caroline and big brother, Naaman are enthralled at the moment with the tiny little baby. Guess I’ll have to stop calling baby Caroline, baby. Grandma Fix-it hasn’t completed Joshua’s blanket yet so must get busy. Took a side trip knitting some baby cocoons for Caroline and Naaman’s dolls so they could cuddle theirs too like mommy.

Black Squirrel

Posted by Caroline Hershey


I was sitting knitting of course when I spied this strange looking creature on our deck. Checking out our bird feeder was a black squirrel, really coal black. Actually very pretty. We looked him up and they are fairly rare, 1 in 10,000 grey squirrels is a black one. Well there are quite a few around here on the Island so those stats for here don’t work. The squirrels out on the Assateague Island are an endangered breed of grey squirrel. Their coats are a lovely chinchilla grey, and they are large. Hmmmm. Wonder if you can spin that fiber?

Knitting Now?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

What are you knitting? 

I love knitting vests/sweaters from side to side especially with the self striping yarns. The results are certainly figure flattering. Early this year I came up with this pattern for a vest using the Rowan Colourscapes yarn. Knitting in garter stitch from side to side is easy and with knock-out results with his color combos (this is color #434) designed by Kaffee Fassett. I used the crochet cast on recommended by Sally Melville in her Knit Stitch book which gives an edge that most resembles the bind off edge.

Island Time

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Island time? Should it be named a new time zone? No not really,  just a slower way of life and one we are becoming accustomed to quickly. Relish life one minute at a time.

Our daughter Sarah and husband Ben are expecting their third any day now with time dragging it seems. We are sure they are anxious to have the baby put in it’s appearance. Grandma is knitting away on THE baby blanket which has been,  for all the previous 5 grandbabies, out of cashmere which makes a simply luscious blanket. It’s amazingly strong as evidenced by the “Linus” blanket pose it has assumed for all of them. Baby Caroline has been the roughest of any of them, worrying hers by sticking little fingers through the lace holes. Grandma has become known as Grandma Fix-It because she watches me mend the holes and return it ready for abuse once again. Lesson learned though, forget the lace. This one has NO yarn overs. Simply knit and purl with a diamond design.

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