Spiral Hats

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Or Dairy Queen hats, an Elizabeth Zimmermann innovation.

dairy-queen-hat1Melissa and I were looking through Elizabeth Zimmermann’s, The Opinionated Knitter, the other day and we came across her spiral hat pattern. What a cool idea, knitted with 3 or 5 spirals in a bulky yarn. YEAH, a fast to finish project with one skein of yarn (Melissa actually used two strands of a worsted weight yarn knitted together for her hats.)  Melissa was so enthralled with it, that husband Mark got the 5 spiral hat.

Quick Knit Gift

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Who doesn’t like to give hand knitted gifts at Christmas? But there’s only those 24 hours in a day and some of those you really do need to sleep. So a quick knit project is the thing. I of course have a stash of yarn (how about a whole shop full!!) and actually had a single skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn that I wanted to use. Next, what to do, what to do? Wristers seemed to catch my attention, so I worked out the pattern by trial and error. The errors were getting to Dan because he rips them out for me. wristersBut I finally completed these wristers with a little picot edge. Very simple and quick to make. So, here’s the pattern for the Carodan Farm Wristers:

CO 36 sts, size 4 needles. Join. (I worked these on Magic Loop, or you can use double points.) Work 4 rows stockinette stitch. Next row is to make picot edging. (yo, k2tog) across the row. Knit in stockinette stitch 4 rows. Begin ribbed pattern: (k2, p2) across the row. Repeat this row for 20 rows. Knit 4 rows in stockinette stitch. Repeat the picot edging row of (yo, k2tog), and then 4 more rows of stockinette stitch. Bind off. Turn under the 4 rows of stockinette stitch on each edge and hem in place so that picot edge shows nicely. This fits my hand and wrist snugly and I have small hands. For larger hands, CO extra stitches in 4 stitch increments. I knit ones with a 44 st CO and it was really, really loose on me so if you are looking for a larger fit, I would go with that. And of course you can make the whole thing longer for a gauntlet look. They are really nice for working at the computer, or dress them up with beads for a lovely addition to an evening outfit. FUN!

Happy New Year!!!

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