Knitting Disconnect

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Or, what the ER can do to your knitting.

These little socks out of Step yarn that I was knitting for my grandson went with me to the emergency room when Dan fell off the ladder and then to the orthopedic offices and naaman-socks1through surgery waiting rooms. So, needless to say, it was some mindless knitting. So I finally focused on it one day and thought, what in the world did I do?!!!  AWK! Forgot to continue the rib down on the foot. So I got these little socks that look like balloons. BLAH!  The thought of ripping out the heels made me hold my head. But all is not lost. Sooooo…I dropped the stitches back and reworked them as purl stitches. Working the two socks at once on Addi Turbos is great and it did not take long to rework them and I am much happier not ripping out. naaman-socks2Here they are finished on his feet, 5 seconds before, “thanks Grandma” and they are ripped off his feet as he heads to play somewhere else. That kind of ripping is acceptable, almost. Oh yeah, fraternal socks don’t bother me at all. :)

Knit Knight Revisited

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Just wanted to share photos from our last Knit Knight on the farm. Our daughter Sarah and her two children were there also. ann-naaman1 Ann was kind enough to show Naaman how a spinning wheel works. Hope her wheel survived!  

Baby Caroline quickly found her favorite toy – the buttons! caroline-buttons1
YIKES! Maybe the cookie will distract her.



michelle-shawl Michelle’s beautiful shawl she finished and we loved it. Gorgeous from alpaca yarn if I remember right.


Gerry was finishing up a lovely summer sweater for herself (which really pleased her that it was for herself for a change :)


knotsKnots which seemed hopeless when she arrived, disappeared with a little help from friends. Hey! Did you finish that sweater Susan? I want to see a photo of it please.

Time Flies!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I can’t believe that we are rapidly approaching Christmas and I still have photos from the last Knit Knight on the farm to post. Yes, we did move, here’s ye ole Mayflower coming to get the shop. mayflower
Didn’t take a photo of it leaving because that was after Dan fell off the ladder trying to do something to the back end of it and I wasn’t feeling too kindly toward this van. Silly how you can credit inanimate objects with responsibilities. Anyway, as you can see, danDan is on the mend and I have “stuck” him with computer work now that I have one of his feet nailed to the ground for a while.

 We are making our home temporarily with Melissa and Mark in Georgetown DE until our house and shop are built on Chincoteague Island. Our son, Christian, has designed it all, so we are pretty excited about it. Just taking much longer than anticipated. And through it all, knitting has been the constant, maybe just a few rows squeezed into an after lunch break, but still a stress reliever.


Arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Mt. Pleasant, MI

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