Big Knits and Roving

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Knit Roving?

 You bet! Ann brought her BigKnit needles (these are size 50!) and roving from her own sheep. Just the size of the needles made it awkward at first but after finding the position that worked for holding them, we knit some rows. Of course everyone was yukking it up over my struggles and June delighted in fetching her camera to knitknightbigknit2record the moment. Thanks June! Back to the technique which is definitely workable in spite of the humor the giant needles inspire – the BigKnit book by Becca of BagSmith suggests wrapping the roving with a another yarn before knitting and it was the concensus of the group that this would have made it easier and the resulting piece a smoother knit. But definitely a possibility  for using up roving which delighted Ann who has a mountain of roving from her sheep, maybe they are Leicester LongWool. Ann, please forgive me if that is not right and I will correct it. Ann sells her fleeces and roving by the way if anyone is interested.

















Making it Easier

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Have you ever struggled to hold your knitted pieces together while you sewed them together. I discovered Kelly’s Klips at a trade show a year or so ago, and really love using them. I had used clothespins, pinching the pieces together with my fingers, sometimes even the elbows got in the act. You get the picture – not very satisfactory. So look at how these little klips do the trick, holding it all together without distorting the edges. How many sweaters have you completed, all but the final step of sewing the pieces together? These will help you out! Kelly's Klips

Talk About Big Knits!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

At the Woodsedge Fiber Festival, Dan and I had the pleasure of beingBig Knit shawl located right across from Becca and her Mom of the BagSmith. After watching them demonstrate the Big Knit shawl frontBIGGGG knitting all weekend, I finally succumbed and purchased some size 50 !!! knitting needles. I could not imagine anything so big. But there they were and I must say I circled them for a week or so after returning home from the show, not exactly knowing what I would do with them. And then I started knitting and within a couple hours I had this shawl.

I pulled about 8 yarns from my stash – some ribbon, some boucle, some thick and thin, whatever I had – and knitted away. The needles were a little awkward at first, but after I found the position that worked for me, I was flying. What a great idea! Because of our anticipated move, we do not have a supply of these in the shop, but would be happy to special order them for you. Just email or call us.


I received the order and I do thank you. I look forward to doing further business with you.

Chestertown, MD

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