Sport Socks

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Fixation yarn

is one of those yarns that’s been around for a long time, lots and lots of colors, and not many people know of it for some reason. It is a cotton yarn with a little elastic in it which makes it great for socks for great fit. I’ve seen patterns for tank tops and even one for a thong, a man’s thong no less. Ewwwww! Sorry, doesn’t appeal.
Sport SockI thought it was time I made some socks from the Fixation and made this sport pair with a rolled down cuff, one for mom and one for the baby. And of course using the Magic Loop method. So, after working through the socks, thought that others might like this pattern, especially with warmer weather coming. We made up the kit with Fixation yarn and pattern, called Sporty Pair, available in the shop. Check it out! 


Moving Sale! 25% off everything!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Don’t forget our moving sale!

We need to cut down on our inventory to make our move easier. Our sale is 25% off everything in the store (with the exception of those items already on discount). This sale continues through June 4th. We are looking forward to getting settled in our new location on Chincotague Island, VA.

Perfection! Grandbabies Who Like Your Knitting!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Grandbabies are perfect to knit for.

Love those small projects and when they like what you knitted…what a bonus! This little hat with its knitted embellishment of a flower just called to me as I thumbed through the Louisa Harding book, Enchanted Garden. There was that little flower and I just had to give it a try. So, chose Panda Cotton in two very bright colors which when I got going in it, I wondered if it was too much for a little baby girl. The little bit of elastic in the yarn was a bonus to help it fit an unknown size head except by choosing the age in the pattern. The picot edge was different, you began with it as the cast on edge, not adding it after you finished your knitting. And the flower was so simple that you wanted to knit a couple dozen just to stick on your other projects. Cool!

Baby Caroline's new hat!

Here she is, baby Caroline with her new duds. Sarah, her mom, says she alternated pulling it on her head and tucking it under her chin and “wearing” it there. What fun!


Received the skeins. Again nice doing business with you.

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