Einstein Altogether

Posted by Caroline Hershey


Yes, I did do it. Finished the Einstein coat/sweater for Sarah to take back to Philly with her. Turned out very nice if I do say so myself. Only thing not pleased with completely are the buttons and may have to find some others to replace them. It took 7 skeins of the Noro Kochoran yarn. I made it shorter than what the Sally Melville pattern in the Knit Stitch called for because I didn’t really want a coat length, that is when I was planning on wearing it. Ahem! Definitely a fun sweater to knit, to keep one in progress for when you’re traveling and need mindless knitting. Barbara at KnitXperience showed off her lovely Einstein coat, a full coat. Outstanding!

After knitting what seemed like non-stop on this sweater and a bunch of fingerless mitts for Christmas presents, i decided my hands needed a rest. That lasted about 6 hours max, until the hands and needles were going again. How about you? Did you get worn out knitting Christmas gifts or are you still going strong?

Merry Christmas from Carodan Farm

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Baby Caroline

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
from all of us at Carodan Farm.
We wish you many hours of knitting pleasure over the holidays.

Baby Caroline already has a liking for yarn although not the approved use of it.

KnitXperience 2008

Posted by Caroline Hershey

 We have posted the photos from this year’s KnitXperience.

Graves Mountain Lodge

 Click on this link to take you there:

KnitXperience 2009 will once again be at Graves Mountain Lodge.
The date is November 13-15th.

Fingerless Mittens

Posted by Caroline Hershey


Fingerless MittensFingerless mittens are the project doing battle with the Einstein Coat right now. I knit these two at a time in the magic loop way. I was working on these the other evening and Dan looked over and said, “Socks?” And I said, “No, mittens.” Shaking his head he said, “Next it will be two sweaters at one time.” Now, doesn’t that give pause to consider all the possibilities?

Knitting Two at One Time

Two mittens on one needleUse the magic loop (knitting on one long needle) to do all your circular knitting. Double points have not touched these mittens. I even do the thumb by way of magic loop. And of course two at one time. Can you tell I’m not very patient? After discovering I can do socks two at a time, there’s not going back.

Einstein Sweater Update

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Sleeve Unfinished


Will I make it? Missed completion by her birthday in October. Christmas is close. Will I finish the second sleeve in time?  But if I can’t figure out how this sleeveSleeve Together is to go… Ahhhh. there we go. This fits here and connects on the top. One of the neat things about the Enstein coat is that the only finishing required is to seam the top of the sleeves. So…just maybe.


Carodan Yarns ~
Thank you for great service and wonderful yarns.

Christine from Maine

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