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Posted by Caroline Hershey

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Good grief! Why haven’t I finished the Einstein Sweater? Besides being restricted to the 24 hour day, yarn keeps pouring into the shop, and I have no resistance. At some point hugging and squeezing the yarn isn’t enough and you have to get some on needles. Puget Sound VestIt’s aggravating when the yarn comes in without pattern support. Can’t just pick up a ball and run with it. Araucania Aysen yarn was calling to me after doing a little sample sock from Cat Borhdi’s book for SoXperience and realizing how incredibly soft the yarn is. With a blend of merino wool, alpaca and silk, that’s exactly what you would expect. What to do, what to do? Had in my mind’s eye a side to side vest. Tried out quite a few until I settled on one called Puget Sound in Nancie Wiseman’s Classic Knitted Vests. As you can see from this photo of the pattern, it uses the same colorway in two different yarns. I tried combining other yarns with the Aysen, but was never satisfied, so decided to use only the Aysen for the entire vest. Next came the gauge and many needle sizes later, settled on the size 10 for the vest. So, you can see how it’s coming along. I think the garter stitch rows will set off the yarn nicely. Aysen After all this work I called the publisher to order copies of the book to discover it’s out of print. Big tears! But all is not lost. After some negotiations, we were given permission to make copies of the pattern. So…smiles once again.



Just to advise you that the above order arrived safely (in France!). I'm thrilled both with my order and the speed with which it arrived. I hope to do business with you again! Thank you very much!


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