When is a Scarf Not a Scarf?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

When It’s A Sweater in Disguise!

Starting the Einstein coat from Sally Melville’s the Knit Stitch the beginning of the summer has been a blessing, since we have done quite a bit of traveling to PA, DE, even to AL to get our guard dog, Neely. Some mindless knitting is how I refer to this sweater, and it’s wonderful to take in the car when traveling.

The lower part of the coat is knit from side to side and after casting on, you just knit, row after row after row. I didn’t want it as long as the pattern made a coat, so I adjusted my number of stitches cast on to the length shown for the man’s sweater, and it’s a perfect length.
Sarah and the scarf?
When I took it with us on vacation, Sarah saw it thinking it was a scarf, and loved the colors found in the Noro Kochoran yarn I’m using. Then, when she found out it’s a coat, she laid claim to it, and her mantra now is, “Must go faster Mom, must go faster” so she would have it for this winter.
Einstein Coat in Progress
We’ll see. Finished the bottom and right front panel. Knitting up the back now and more travel time going to the shows like the PA Quilt Festival this coming week.



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